We can offer a wide range of unprecedented flexible and universal solutions developed on the next generation telematics architecture.

All our solutions are aimed at giving our customers an opportunity to get real-time accurate information about driving and use it expedient to their business needs.

The unique for the Russian market R-Telematica crash detection and reconstruction, driving scoring and remote diagnostics technologies enable our customers to improve their business efficiency and competitiveness.


Insurance companies

Reliable and compliant RUI (Russian Association of Motor Insurers) telematics systems by R-Telematica open for insurance companies the possibility of creating new products for “smart insurance» (UBI) using telematics solutions, which allows to make the calculation of insurance rates by not using statistical data (accepted risk factors), but individual performance operation of the vehicle.

Telematics solutions from R-Telematica enable insurance companies quickly and efficiently implement an UBI-insurance system.

Our goal is to enable insurance companies to assess the risks as accurately as possible, to determine customers break-even level, to give customers an appropriate reality UBI score and to provide discounts to reliable drivers.

We offer customized solutions:


  • System based on individually adjustable score technology of driver behavior let minimize the risk of the insured event.
  • The most accurate technology for determination of an accident fact, including minor accidents.
  • Calculation of summary data about trips (trip profiling):

– Trips distribution by road class (highway, courtyard way, dirt road);

– Time distribution (dark or daylight hours, days of the week);

– Speeding number;

– And also, the data on trips number, duration and distance.


Equipment with built-in accelerometer and vibro-acoustic sensor:

IMPORTANT Usage of continuously updated cartographic base from CDCOM NAVIGATION and extensive experience of working with navigation technologies enable to detect accurately the fact of speed limit break on the different road classes.


Leasing company

The main problem leasing companies face – is the inability to effectively monitor customers holding the terms of the contract, therefore often abuses in this area revealed.  There is also a high risk of car  theft in addition to untargeted and improper usage of vehicles.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, leasing companies increasingly use monitoring systems that allows to determine in a real-time the location of vehicles, the technical condition, compliance with specified car operating conditions (speed limits,

restrictions on mileage, the area of use), the reliability and accuracy of the driver. Due to GPS / GLONASS tracking, it is easier to find the car in case of theft and / or leaving the designated usage area.  Remote control of a technical condition allows to quickly identify vehicle problems and eliminate them, avoiding downtime. The patented system of driver behavior analysis (scoring) allows to assess the drivers reliability and qualification and in case of low grade, notify the client and discuss with him the possibility of replacing with more experienced staff that will ensure a high security level of the leasing fleet. Also, the leasing company can make tariff plans based on the driving skill scoring.


Corporate transport control

R-Telematica corporate transport control system provides a real time remote control of each unit of transport, records all the routes for any timeslot, controls all the main vehicle operating parameters (speed limits, mileage, functioning, fuel rate, drained/introduced fuel, special equipment usage). Due to the system ability of the to perform remote technical diagnosis and detect errors, each unit of the corporate vehicle fleet is under the constant professionals supervision and any problems are detected at an early stage, allowing to repair before failure became serious, significantly saving time and money funds.

Patented driving behavior assessment technology (scoring) allows not only to monitor each driver, but also to assess the level and style of driving, both in general and in comparison with other drivers. Ranking is carried out on a number of parameters, including speed limits, braking, violent lane changes, vertical acceleration (ride on speed bumps, pits, etc.), passage of turns at high speed as well as, and also it highly depends on the type of vehicle. Based on retrieved data the company is able to award/fine drivers and update the  employee by replacing low-skilled staff to more experienced and thus securing their vehicles and the cargo. Moreover,it was found that the introduction of monitoring  and control systems affects the drivers at the psychological level, knowing that they are being watched, they are more careful and disciplined.


Taxicab fleet

Automatic telematic system is developed taking into to the features of business processes of taxi companies and can be easily integrated with any specialized systems. Implementation of the system ensures full observance of requirements of the Federal Law №69 (Law on Taxi) of 21 April 2011 .

R-Telematica telematics solutions usage (driver behavior profiling, remote diagnostics and accident determine technology) enable:

  • increase services quality;
  • ensure passengers safety;
  • reduce vehicle fleet maintenance cost;
  • improve taxicab fleet management and as a consequence increase of customer loyalty.


Motor companies (automaker / dealers)

Designed specifically for the car manufacturers and dealers R-Telematica telematic system opens entirely new possibilities of the customer service, quality control and obtaining maximum-quality feedback.

Using R-Telematica telematics products allows automakers:

  • to implement remote vehicles technical condition diagnostics to identify emerging problems in time and to notify customers about them, thereby saving the cost and vehicle repairing timing.
  • to expand client package such services as instant repairman sending and / or tow truck on the vehicle location to rectify faults or delivery the car to the service, to launch notification customer service about technical checkup time, the fall of battery level for a long-time car parking, about the impending deadline of oil and other fluids and etc.


Passenger Transportation

Simultaneous interaction with many people and a high level of responsibility for them are the distinctive features of the passenger transportation companies, stimulates to focus on the passengers and drivers safety. Besides, the observance of the established timetable and passenger comfort are important indicators of the passenger transportation efficiency.

To meet high standards transport companies must strictly control and take into account number of parameters:

  • vehicle technical condition;
  • driving behavior (driving level and style) according to the type of vehicle;
  • speed mode;
  • current location;
  • stoppings and parkings;
  • point of the route.

In addition, according to the Government Decree № 720 from 10 September 2009, all vehicles involved in the passenger carriage must be equipped with the GLONASS satellite navigation.

Using R-Telematica telematics products: driving behavior profiling  according to the type of vehicle, remote diagnostics and accident determining technology, allows you to:

  • To increase the passenger safety;
  • To reduce vehicle operating costs;
  • To improve service quality.