R-telematica – developer, integrator and operator of the telematics hardware.

  • 3 completed projects in insurance and brokerage companies
  • 9 partners-integrators of telematic data

We help to lower vehicle operating costs and provide a high level of security; We develop and implement innovative telematic solutions:

  • intelligent driving technology DriveJournal with online monitoring, improved identification and reconstruction of RTA accurate up to 96% and remote vehicle technical diagnostics;
  • unique driver behavior on the road assessment framework, which allows not only to determine driver’s accident rate, but also give changing driving style recommendations.

We provide round-the-clock customer and technical support, specialized call-center services; We give reports about on-road accidents and any other road incidents; We render programming support with possibility of personal development and branding; We carry out repair and replacement of telematics equipment.

More than 600 retail and more than 30 corporate customers use our intelligent driving technology, which is based on the solutions, that have no analogues in the world, on a unique scoring model, that is specifically designed for Russia, and in its own development – car navigation program “PROGOROD”.

Insurance telematics

For whom:

  • Insurance companies;
  • Auto dealers.

The loss ratio and a decrease in sales of Fully Comprehensive Insurance policies under conditions of crisis reveal thin places in motor type insurance: the criteria policies value based solely on age and driving experience, is no longer relevant. It is important to assess not only the driver, as his demeanor on the road.

For this purpose we have developed a unique scoring model, which has no analogues in Russia and the world: a patented technology of driver behavior analysis, which allows not only to monitor each driver, but also to assess the level and style of driving, including comparison with other drivers on the road.

Our high technologies in the field of cartography, driving analysis and insurance telematics allow detecting the clients accident rate to monitor and predict the loss ratio of motor types, giving a personalized assessment of each customer’s driving style, to capture, decoding and reconstructing the accident.

 Solutions for insurance companies:

  • Identification of wrecking and break-even customers.
  • The insurer underwriting model finalizing advice and assistance.
  • Personal insurance portal and innovative services creating with a guarantee of your uniqueness retaining. Providing access, support and use of the portal is included in the subscription service.
  • Develop personal telematics products – Fully Comprehensive Insurance tariff tailored to your requirements.
  • Mobile application for clients. With the purchase of the policy client receives a range of services aimed at a comfortable, profitable and safe use of the vehicle.
  • Sales of telematics equipment. The cost per set – 6 990 rubles. Cost of subscription service is 3300 rubles a year. Provision of technical support; shipping and free replacement of DriveJournal equipment.

Advantages for your clients:

  • discount on Fully Comprehensive Insurance policy up to 50%;
  • reduction in fuel consumption by 15%;
  • reduction of probability of getting into an accident by 30%;
  • on-line monitoring of the vehicle for 24 hours;
  • non-stop access to the diagnosis of the vehicle using the mobile application;
  • discounts from partners (car accessories, gas stations, spare parts, repair).

 Driving monitoring and analysis

For whom:

  • corporate clients;
  • taxi companies;
  • leasing companies;
  • Companies engaged in passenger transportation.

DriveJournal is a smart driving technology which enables monitoring the vehicle non-stop, followed by analysis of your employees’ driving style; It enables the profiling data on trip for a certain period of time; It detects RTA reconstructs and decodes them accurate up to 97%); It makes the engine errors diagnosis, and more. We will configure our system turnkey or on the equipment that is already installed on corporate vehicles.

The benefits of smart driving technology:

  • identification of accuracy rate of employees;
  • possibility of awarding for careful use of company cars and penalizing employees according to the results of driving skills analysis;
  • Improving the quality level of the vehicle operation;
  • Reduction of costs for repairs, fuel (up to 15%), insurance (up to 40%);
  • reduction of fleet accident rate and employees injuries rate;
  • reduce the probability of accidents due to psychological factors;
  • Prevention of fraud by unscrupulous employees;
  • online access to monitoring.

Cartographic solutions

For whom:

  • internet search engines;
  • companies that provide monitoring services;
  • cellular operators;
  • public sector companies.

Introducing our own cartographic database – car navigation “PROGOROD” (250 000 customers, and more than 1 500 000 downloads), INRIX & Google official supplier. It is a fast and high-precision automotive GPS / GLONASS navigation system with detailed and actual maps of Russia and the world, optimal routing considering traffic jams and warnings about speed cameras. With “PROGOROD” on-line collection of incidents is available, the expansion of databases for statistical scoring model saturation. Read more.